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Dive world`s speciality is snorkeling, scuba diving and tour packages around Australia and the world. Come and enjoy the spectacular marine life we have on offer. Oct-April best time to enjoy with Dolphin & Sea Lion & Penguin at Perth.April to July, is the best time to, swim with Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Dugongs, Humpback Whales as well as watching and diving with a Queensland grouper. Did y;ou know July to Oct you are able to swim with Humpback Whales, at 'Eua and Vavau Island in Tonga and Nuie Island.

Our Company in Tonga
Dive World Tonga Trading as Tonga Dive Centre
Trading as Eueiki Island World Tonga
Dive Business Coordinator
Masa Takashima and Zennosuke Matumura
Boat Operator
MV MOHL and Siumafua’uta Finau
Email: mtaka@dive-world.com.au or info@dive-world.com.au
Address: Taufa’ahau Road and Wellington Road 1st Floor UATA Building Nukualofa Tonga Tapu
Kingdom of Tonga PO Box 349
Tel:676-8457416 or 676-7740616
Our Boat and Operator
MV MOHL and Siumafua’uta Finau
Maximum 12 peoples and 2 Crew
Certificate of Survey of Vessels & Small Vessels License & License to engage in the coasting trade
Website: www.dive-world.com.au [1] & www.tonga-world.com [2] & www.SwimWithHumpbackWhales.com [3]

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